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About Us

The Inventors and owners of intellectual property patents for CoronaStat and UltraStat Separators

OreKinetics Pty Ltd is a privately owned Australian technology company specialising in process solutions particularly to the Titanium Minerals Industry. OreKinetics commenced its own research and succeeded in the development of the UltraStat conductive induction separator in 1999.

Following this, OreKinetics further research resulted in the successful development of the CoronaStat ionised field separator in mid 2000.

OreKinetics worked closely with the titanium minerals industry and has supplied its proprietary technology to every major processing plant worldwide.

Boasting an almost universal acceptance of our technology in the industry that is second to none, we take pride in our exemplary service and expertise which makes us the right choice as the leading technology partner.

OreKinetics has and will always provide world technical leadership in minerals processing due to a strong commitment to expand knowledge and practical experience.

Our Vision

Continue to strive towards excellence in Quality, Performance, Research and Development.