OreKinetics | CoronaStat Separation Principles
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CoronaStat Separation Principles

OreKinetics CoronaStat machines utilise ionised field separator technology combined with a unique combination of three electrodes to achieve vast performance improvements over conventional H.T.R. (High-Tension Roll) separators.


Customarily, ionised field separators utilise a grounded roll that transports a feed material through a high voltage ionising field (corona) which charges the mineral particles by ion bombardment. Conducting particles lose their charge to the earthed roll and are thrown from the roll by centrifugal and gravitational forces. Non-conducting particles are pinned to the roll surface and are transported further through the separation zone before their charge either dissipates and they are thrown off or they are removed by mechanical means.


OreKinetics patented induction plate electrodes are designed to concurrently ‘force’ the charge decay of conducting particles as well as apply a holding force to charged non-conducting particles.


Each electrode used in OreKinetics CoronaStat has a unique function which, when combined overcome the shortcomings of conventional ionised electrostatic separators.