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CoronaStat – Ionised Field Electrostatic Separator

OreKinetics patented CoronaStat separator is predominantly an ionised field type separator although it uses a unique combination of three electrodes to achieve massive performance improvements over standard high-tension roll separators. These electrodes are utilised to first charge the mineral particles and then force the decay of the charged conducting particles while simultaneously applying a holding force to the non-conductor particles as they travel through the separation zone. The unique combination of these electrodes results in higher grade, larger conductor and non-conductor fractions with less mineral reporting to the mids fraction.

The improved species selectivity and the reduced particle size sensitivity associated with a CoronaStat separator results in the unique ability to make product separations after only one or two separation stages.

ULTRASTAT – Electrostatic Separator

That offers vast improvements over traditional High Tension Roll and Electrostatic Plate separators in both separation efficiency and operational features.

The UltraStat separator provides solutions to many of the limitations of HTR and ESP separators including both superior operational, maintenance and metallurgical performance and features. Large middling streams having to be reprocessed though multiple plant stages are practices now consigned to history.