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OreKinetics’ technical team provides support services including metallurgical and engineering assistance, training and troubleshooting to the mineral processing industry. Specifically, services we regularly provide include:

  • Flow Sheet development and Optimisation
  • Dry Mill Optimisation, troubleshooting and assistance
  • Metallurgical Test Work
  • Installation and Commissioning
  • Operational Training and safety advise for Plant Staff, Maintenance & Technical Support


As inventors of our technology, we are unique in having broad application experience and expertise. In this regard, OreKinetics personnel have the most advanced understanding of electrostatic separation processes the industry has to offer due to extensive industry experience in the operation of our equipment. Our involvement often contributes to achieving high plant performance and recovery outcomes as it is also in our interests to ensure our machines work to the best of their ability.

OreKinetics engineering team often run training and operational awareness programs for our clients worldwide. In addition to the physical advantages of the CoronaStat and UltraStat, we also run on-site and off-site training programs that highlight and bring awareness to the many operational variables that affect plant separation performance, outline a hierarchy of the importance of relevant operational issues and provide troubleshooting guides.