OreKinetics | UltraStat Separation Principles
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UltraStat Separation Principles

OreKinetics patented UltraStat separators use a very different mineral charging mechanism to ionised field (Corona) separators. A strong static electric field is used to selectively induce charge onto the conductive mineral particles (Conductive Induction Charging).


Typically ESP separators utilize a stationary grounded, sloped or curved surface onto which a monolayer of mineral is feed. The mineral passes beneath a charged electrode which induces a polar opposite charge on the conductor particles; as a result these charged particles are electro statically attracted to the electrode and are drawn away from the grounded surface. A splitter located further in the separation zone separates the conductor particle and non conductor particle trajectories dividing the feed into mainly non-conductor and conductor fractions.


OreKinetics UltraStat separator addresses the major limitations of plate separators with advancements in electrode design, improvements in electrode and plate geometry and the introduction of a patented automatic separation roll surface cleaning system.